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CAT MIX FISH (4Kg and 20Kg)

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Dry Food with Salmon,Tuna and Vegetables for Adult Cat - Affinity Brekies Excel

Brekkies Excel for adult cats made with salmon, tuna and vegetables is an I think ideal for complete and balanced food for your pet and is recommended for any type of animal size. This feed combines protein, vitamins and minerals that keep the cat in good health and in proper physical form.


Your presentation in the form of croquettes is an incentive for the cat to eat it, making your meal a fun and pleasant time. In addition, croquettes are coated with fish sauce and are exquisite for the most demanding cats. All the ingredients used to make Brekkies Excel with fish and vegetables are carefully selected.


This food helps the physical condition of your cat and gives a great amount of benefits. Thanks to the components of omega 3 and omega 6 the coat will be bright and your skin in perfect condition. These croquettes add PH level necessary for the proper functioning of the urinary tract. Also keep teeth strong and healthy cat by its high content of calcium and vitamin D3. Finally, taurine levels hold the view body in perfect condition.

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