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MURNIL (66 Tablets)

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Murnil for Dogs and Cats - Bayer

Both dogs and cats can suffer, even without realizing it, some nutritional deficiency, stress, physiological changes, which can cause the weakening of the hair, nails, and deterioration of the state of their skin. Murnil is part of Bayer's Sano&Bello product range, whose slogan makes clear its intentions: to lavish the most beautiful, shiny, and soft hair we can imagine on the pet; some nails or skin showy and healthy, as we had always wanted.


With Murnil, it has been possible to cover and respond to all the inconveniences related to the deterioration of hair, nails and skin. Murnil is rich in protein, and contains both Zinc and Biotin, two fundamental elements for the health of the skin and hair. When the hair is straight, with a continuous fall, or molting, the proteins and vitamins selected from Murnil will revitalize it, strengthening the follicle, and recovering a healthy appearance and growth. Alterations in the skin, dehydration, irritations, the bad appearance of the nails, etc., will also be a thing of the past, looking wonderful.


Presentation: Container with a net weight of 64 g, with approximately 66 tablets inside.


Composition: Meat and animal by-products, fish and fish by-products, cereals, yeasts, sugars, eggs and egg products, milk and dairy products.


Analytical constituents (%):

Crude protein: 53%

Crude fat: 5%

Crude fibre: 14%

Crude ash: 5%



Biotin: 25 mg/kg

Trace elements:

Zinc (as zinc sulfate heptahydrate): 1500 mg/kg.


How it is given:

Murnil is available in tablet form, for oral administration.


The recommended treatment consists of one dose a day, at least for 2 weeks.


Depending on the target species and weight, the dose shall be as follows:



  • Cats: 1 tablet/day.
  • Small dogs and puppies (up to 10 kg in weight): 1 to 2 tablets/day.
  • Dogs medium size (10 to 25 kg weight): 2 to 4 tablets/day.
  • Large dogs (more than 25 kg in weight): 4 to 6 tablets/day.


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