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Cardboard Scraper with Catnip - Papillon

Cat scraper

Cardboard scratch mat that adapts perfectly to your cat's scratching needs. It is a practical space where you can scratch and sharpen your nails, rest in a quiet area or stretch at will.

Catnip is a mint-like plant with a psychoactive effect and totally safe for cats. Also known as catnip, nebeda emanates a specific aroma that awakens well-being, joy and euphoria in cats without producing side effects or addiction.

Simple and effective cat scraper made with corrugated cardboard, totally renewable and recyclable that helps you take care of the environment while satisfying the basic instinctive needs of your pet by providing a special and intimate place where you can sharpen your nails in peace. This behavior of cats is natural and very beneficial, since it facilitates the regeneration of nails and keeps them healthy, filed and sharp.

Includes a bag of catnip to apply on the scraper or use at will. It's a perfect way to get your cat's attention to start using the scraper.

Functional and sober design that incorporates a graceful border of fish spines on the side that will call your cat's curiosity for its intricate shapes.

Features and specifications

  • Functional design
  • Practical dimensions
  • Adapted to the instinctive needs of cats
  • Excellent place of rest and relaxation
  • Promotes stretching to release muscle tension
  • Promotes nail regeneration
  • Ideal for filing and sharpening nails
  • Incorporates mouse-shaped toy
  • Includes catnip
  • Protect the furniture and upholstery of your home from scratches
  • Made of renewable and recyclable corrugated cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly

Scraper dimensions: 38 x 12 cm.
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