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RUBBER BALL WITH ROPE (Various colors)

RUBBER BALL WITH ROPE (Various colors)?.jpg



Ball with Nylon tape and Nnatural rubber

It is a fun toy for dogs, designed in the funny shape of a ball on a string. The ball is made of natural rubber, and the strap of nylon, soft, resistant and non-toxic materials. Includes a handle to facilitate games.

Chewing the texture of the ball promotes dental health, removing tartar and plaque and improving breath. At the same time, it massages the gums and strengthens the jaws. Dog toys quench its natural instinct to chew, and prevent the pet from chewing on household objects and breaking them.


     Toy made of resistant and non-toxic materials.
     Biting it strengthens the jaws.
     Divert the dog's attention from playing with household objects.
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