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Pet GPS Tracker

Prothelis Greta for locating dogs, people, suitcases and valuables.

GPS tracker for dogs, people, valuables and vehicles of all kinds. Ideal accompaniment for schoolchildren, seniors, outdoor and extreme athletes or to go for a walk.

· Live tracking with an accurate and unlimited downloadable position history, included with the standard data plan. Virtual fences allow areas on the map to be defined and reported as soon as the GPS Tracker enters or leaves the area.

· Waterproof (continuous immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes) and dust resistant (IP67) thanks to special ultrasonic welding, ultralight only 32 g, resistant to cold and heat, shockproof thanks to the ABS housing, load by simple induction.

· Charging your Greta could not be easier, simply place it on the base, no cables or clips are needed. Greta uses three positioning systems: satellite navigation system, mobile positioning and location using motion sensors. Coverage of the global network. We recommend a default three-minute update setting that will give you a battery life of up to five days, while shorter update intervals require more frequent charging; you will get more accurate information and in real time about the location of your Greta.

· Includes: charging station for wireless charging, USB cable, USB power adapter and universal accessory to attach the dog tracking device to the collar or backpack.

Summary of service fees
The service fee covers the costs of the mobile network and the 24-hour notification service, which contacts you by phone in an alarm situation. When you activate your tracker, you can choose one of the following packages:
  • Monthly payment - € 4.99 per month
  • 6 months in advance - € 4.59 per month
  • 12 months in advance - € 4.19 per month
  • 24 months in advance - € 3.79 per month

Weight of the article: 31,8g.

Dimension: 6.4x2.9x2.4cm

Product Information:
The GRETA GPS Tracker is suitable for all dogs that like to explore.
▶ Accurate GPS tracking through a patented antenna system.
▶ Follow your dog's movements on his smartphone through live tracking
▶ Resistant to water and dust according to IP67
▶ 32 grams: lightweight and ideal for most dog collars
▶ Define any number of virtual runoff surfaces (including geofences or virtual fences)
▶ Prothelis service subscription is required for its use (see the Prothelis homepage for more information)
With GRETA you can release your dog. Fugitive dogs can be found quickly and reliably thanks to precise GPS tracking. GRETA is extra small and light so as not to disturb your dog. GRETA will inform you when your dog leaves his defined departure areas (for example, the garden of his house). Your 630 mAh battery will last up to 5 days with tracking enabled, depending on the established tracking interval. So long walks are easily possible.
Just let the dog let go of the leash
Once you have activated the GRETA GPS tracker, the application will reliably inform you about your current position. In practice, GRETA achieves a positioning accuracy of 3 meters or better in optimal conditions.
You can even swim with GRETA
The GRETA ultrasonic welded housing is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters and is completely protected against water and dust.
Virtual runoff areas: this will also inform you when your dog disappears in the pasture
Define any number of zones (geofences, virtual fences) in the Prothelis application that you can activate individually in a schedule. If you wish, we will contact you personally if your pet leaves or enters an area.
GPS technology and quality from Germany.
Prothelis is synonymous with reliable technology and high quality design. Made in Germany.
We value our regional partners. From the design to the finished product, everything is created, developed and marketed by us from a single source.
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