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SALMON OIL (250ml and 500ml)

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Salmon oil for dogs and cats

Strengthens the immune system.
Contribute to improve the output of the skin and hair (brightness, silkiness and density). Improves the resistance of the nails and teeth. It helps prevent possible allergies and palliate their effects. It favors the production of collagen. It helps prevent the appearance of collagen, helps prevent the onset of arthritis, relieve symptoms and reduce the propensity to joint inflammation. It helps protect the mental formation of fetuses during pregnancy and the brains of puppies. Source of energy for the first years of life. It favors the development of cognitive faculties (especially in older dogs).

Fatty acids EPA 3-4%, DHA 4-6%, OMEGA 3 12-14%, OMEGA 6 11-13%.

Salmon oil 100% rich in fatty acids.


  • - 3Kg
    • 3 beats.
  • 3-6Kg
    • 4 beats.
  • 6-12Kg
    • 5 beats.
  • 12-25Kg
    • 6 beats.
  • + 25-Kg
    • 8pulsaciones.


  • -3Kg
    • 2 beats.

Store in a cool place out of reach of sunlight.
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