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Ceramic trough for dogs

Ceramic dog feeders are a very hygienic item and have great resistance. These ceramic utensils are very popular due to the hardness and ease of cleaning them. The ceramic dog feeders keep the food totally fresh and all its nutritional properties intact so that dogs can enjoy a good, healthy and balanced food.

At the time of obtaining the ceramic feeders, you will notice that the colors and the diversity of styles can be definitive characteristics so that a significant number of owners fall in love with a bowl of dog food made of ceramics. However, it is important to consider certain precautions before choosing a feeder for this material.

Ceramic articles that are kept clean more easily are those that have a special lacquer coating, taking into account that it must be observed whether it is toxic or not, thus allowing to eliminate the remains of previous food with greater ease.

It is very useful in the case of dogs that consume their food in an unordered or anxious way thanks to its weight, because being heavier than other feeders such as plastic or steel, it does not move as much and is more difficult than Food comes out of the edges.

Now, ceramics as a material can offer the following benefits:

Quite resistance when there is a thermal shock.

A low density, as well as low thermal conductivity.

Excellent resistance, especially to the chemistry of the products.

  • Diameter 19cm x Height 6,5cm.
  • 1900ml
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