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HALF DEER HORN (Size M -51-80g)

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INGREDIENTS: 100% deer antler.
ANALYTICAL COMPOSITION: Crude protein 36%, crude fat 0.1%, crude ash 56%, calcium 20%, phosphorus 9%
SIZE M: As a natural deer antler, the cut is not uniform so it varies in color, weight, shape and thickness. Its weight can oscillate between 51-80g.
Another completely natural product presented by Arquivet: deer antlers, whole. An antlers from the spring moult of deer, collected in the forests of Europe and after a quality control are brushed and cut.

Being a natural product they may still have a slight earth odor, all vary in color, weight, shape and thickness. Ideal for dogs to chew on, resulting in a sandy effect between the dog's teeth and bone, which helps remove plaque, prevent plaque and keep teeth clean. Chewing also creates endorphins in the brain, which provide a sense of calm helping them relax.

- They splinter less than the calcium bones and when they do the saliva softens the sharp edges.

"They're not as sticky or faint as skin bones."

- Because of their rigidity, they promote mastification and it is uncommon for the dog to try to gobble it up.

- Because of its composition and because it is ingested more slowly, they do not generate episodes of severe constipation, white and hard stools or empumps with vomiting.

- They do not usually activate allergies to meats and do not leave bad breath (on the contrary, it fights), reason why they can be a good substitute of the bones of fish skin that yes that leave a very bad breath to the dogs.
Deer antlers

The most basic and standard. Suitable for all types of dogs, breeds, sizes and ages.
Half antlers of deer

Destined for dogs with difficulties with whole, either by age (senior or puppy) or have a very weak bite. They facilitate their mastication and increase the interest of the dog.
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