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Canny Magloc for Dog - The Canny Company

Color: Blue
Measures: 9cm (long) x 2cm (diameter).

Canny Magloc, the most QUICK, EASY and SAFE way to hold your dog with one hand. The Canny Magloc has been tested to overcome pulls over 60 kg and is extremely durable, made of very strong nylon, reinforced with fiberglass. Consequently, it is recommended for dogs up to 40 kg (for example, from small dogs to German Shepherd, Golden Retriver, Labrador ...).

The carabiners of the straps tend to become hard, being very complicated to tie them to the necklace, especially in cold days. In addition, people with arthritis or limited mobility on their hands may find it difficult to tie their dog.

The Canny Magloc is a simple solution for tying your dog with one hand. Approach it to the collar and it will connect only and automatically. To release, tighten the two black tabs at the same time. The design uses magnets to attract the two parts of the device and secondary clips to lock the two parts securely.

  • Ideal for cold days and wearing gloves and mittens.
  • Easy to use for people with joint problems.
  • Facilitates use to people with joint problems.
  • Ideal for long haired dogs.
  • Delicate with nails.
  • Quick coupling and release with one hand.
  • Safe-tested against pulling (up to 40 kg)

Instructions for use:

Just align it with the collar of the dog and connect automatically thanks to the magnet it carries. To release it simply press the two back tabs and the dog will be released immediately.

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