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ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors)

ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors)?.jpg ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors) ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors) ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors) ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors) ARNES JULIUS K9 IDC (Various Sizes and Colors)



Harness Julius K9 IDC - Julius K9


  • Mini mini size: 40-53 cm.
  • Mini size: 49-67 cm.
  • Size 0: 58-76 cm.
  • Size 1: 63 - 85 cm.
  • Size 2: 71 - 96 cm.
  • Size 3: 82 - 115 cm.
  • Size 4: 96 - 138 cm.


  • Rosa.
  • Black.
  • Fluorine Neon yellow.
  • Camouflage.
New Colors (see galery):
  • Attila.
  • Jeans.
  • Psycho.
  • Rainbow.
  • Pink with flowers.

Look renewed, innovative, sporty, dynamic design.
Ergonomic perfection, tight size according to the lines and angles of shooting from every race.
Breathable and hypoallergenic inner lining.
Luminescent labels side - Julius-K9 Products.
High visibility, tape reflective chest and edges with reflective stitching.
Subject to Crash tests, visit the Video on our YouTube channel.
Velcro area more spacious (30 x 120 mm).

Our product is made by a group of manufacturers of small businesses in the EU.
The K9 Power harness, which has been an extraordinary success in the market for 10 years, has exceeded expectations with respect to its evolution. Our Department of innovation (r & d) has polished a product of success in a real diamond.

Ergonomic perfection and design more communicative, but with the increased emphasis on security and comford. Technical perfection and the perspective of a successful product only for active service dog and the family dog, as well as for the daily use of people and their dogs.

The perfect is not only good enough for us! The IDC-Powerharness available with the Logo standard JULIUS K9 or more than 400 optional logos available K9 original! *

Baby1 and Baby2 carvings do not come with handle for small breeds.
The handle at the top of the harness has as a result hold the dog quickly and safely during walks with the dog leash. The handle and the ring can be closed with a single strap. Thus you can avoid accidental dulling in the branches or other protruding objects from the dog.

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