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iFetch Frenzy is a toy designed and developed for dogs that is are alone in house during time and for people older or that want to keep busy to your pet while make another thing. It is a gravitational and interactive small ball Launcher that does not require the use of batteries or power supply, with the peculiarity that will allow, once we teach our dog, playing without our intervention.

It will pick up the ball and place it in the hole from which will come down randomly, and can exit at any of the three holes in the base. Its creators have designed especially for people who need to relax and take a break but they want that their dogs can continue playing time wishing and being happy. It has a robust design and guarantees fun for all when they are at home and fun for the dog when it is only.

It is designed especially to use tennis balls standard (diameter 40 mm) small. Each iFetch includes three balls, and at its bottom has a compartment hidden to save them and never lose them. Even if your dog has played for years to bring the ball, or not been done before, the following Tips for training a professional dog trainer will help your dog learn to play with iFetch Frenzy in a short time.

-To the teaching to your dog how play to bring the ball, ensure you of make it beside iFetch Frenzy to associate bring the ball with the toy.

-Practice as much three times a day and only for ten minutes each time. In this way, bring the ball will continue to being fun without get to convert is in a session of training.

-If you gives the feeling of that your dog is feel frustrated and not is capable of put the ball in iFetch Frenzy, works reinforcing any behavior of approach to the device and ensure you of that receives a prize.

-If your dog tries to that you reward him for another behavior (rolling over itself, jumping, giving the leg...), it is important that you not recompenses those behaviors.

-If your dog is cautious when nearby iFetch Frenzy, nothing happens. It is a toy that is new and different and probably not sure what is. You can start by giving her a prize only to be approaching, this way you will learn that it is just another part of the House. In a short time, be able to use tricks to get closer to him, teaching him to throw the ball as closely as possible the device. After a few training sessions (results may vary), your dog will learn to trust in him and then the fun will begin.
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