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BEER FOR DOGS (Beef or Chicken)(250ml)

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Beer for Dogs

25 cl in a can.

Snuffle is the first beer dog.  Well, let's rephrase that because Snuffle is a «beer», in the emotional sense of the word.

Technically Snuffle is not a real beer of course.

Does not contain alcohol which never is without gas.  (Who needs a dog with belching and drunk?)

But emotionally it is without a doubt is a beer.  We, men or women, drink beer with friends, to share special moments, the best moments.  To laugh, talk, and sometimes cry together.  And best way to do that is... well, around a beer.

Now you can do all that with the other best friend: your dog. Snuffle is made with beef or chicken and barley malt extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B.

Only the best is good enough for our best friends, Snuffle has been prepared with ingredients that are also used in products for human consumption.

How to serve?
Best at room temperature.  Open the bottle and pour some in a bowl to drink, then shake the bottle that extracts reach its full texture (a finger into the mouth of the bottle!) And poured in a gentle motion, so you have a collar of foam as a true pint.

Small dogs medium ½ bottle per day.
Large dogs 1 bottle per day.
Dogs XL 2 bottles a day.

Divide the amount into several parts.
Shake before use and serve at room temperature.  Discard the lid after opening the bottle and keep the dog plays with bottle.

Serve in a bowl for dogs and not in a glass or other glass products.

To shake the bottle meat components are mixed, making the product more dark.

Keep refrigerated at the opening.  Do not store below 4 ° C.  Do not allow to freeze.  Do not expose to direct sun light.

Drink free carbon dioxide and alcohol for dogs.
Snuffle dog beer will refresh your dog throughout the year in a way deliciously fun.
0% alcohol and 100% made in Belgium.
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